Entry #3

A Very Goremaster Christmas

2011-12-21 04:03:48 by CaptainHicks

After a ridiculous year long break of doing unimportant Goremaster-less shit, I've been working on a Christmas special.

It's a very Grinch-style narration by a mischievous Christmas villain who is promptly taught the meaning of the holidays by Goremaster, with a fuckin awesome metal rendition of Carol of the Bells by Burn7. It'll be out soon.

A Very Goremaster Christmas


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2011-12-21 07:22:41

whosh a cowboy '-'


2011-12-21 08:06:46

You don't know how long I've been waiting for a follow up to the second episode. Every once in awhile I check to see if there are any Goremaster updates, but then I'm a little let down when there are none. :(

It's not my place to pester you or to complain, but Goremaster is one of my favorite flash series' of recent times.

CaptainHicks responds:

Ha sorry to keep you waitin man, thanks a lot


2011-12-21 10:15:32


Seriously, me and my friend check your page pretty consistently to see if there's a new Goremaster. I don't think there is any other series or artist I go out of my way to check on. Not even my own submissions.

CaptainHicks responds:

Well hell yeah thanks man! If we need extra voice acting I'll hit you up.


2011-12-21 10:16:23

Oh on that note, if you ever want me to do some voice work for you, I'd be HONORED.


2011-12-21 10:27:34

So where is Uranus?

CaptainHicks responds:

Diff ep, still coming out even though that was forever ago


2011-12-23 22:32:12

I missed you so much.


2012-01-19 19:42:31

aaah another masterpiece of goremaster but this one a special xmas
you deserve a numero uno